Mount Agung: The Volcano That Overlooks You In Bali

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And yes, Mount Agung is still active. Even though fact, the volcano is still an important factor in the lives of many. One of the island’s most revered temples, Besakih Mother of all Temples sits here on its piste. Ironically, the temple was spared destruction in 1963 when the flowing lava missed it by mere meters! And speaking of 1963, that eruption proved devastating, sending debris 10 kilometers in the air but yet killing over 1700 clients. water rafting Bali of the temple was truly miraculous and is viewed a spiritual omen.

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Canyon Tubing is an extraordinary one to a kind adventure in bali. Riding in inflatable tube you in order to be carried along the small but active Siap Stream, experiencing the amazing sights of untouched Wildlife. In some places the stream can difficult to navigate in which means you will provide for the opportunity to fly together with air on a purpose built flying fox. For a sightseeing adventure with an improvement Canyon Tubing provides fantastic entertainment for young and old.

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